Had to re-upload it because guess what? LYRICS. THE LYRICS. THIS IS WHAT I CALL A MAKOTO X RIN DUET

L y r i c s

Makoto: “It was nothing” with a sharp action,

being enraged to the point of laughter

Without being able to hold back, I unintentionally shot out a naive shout “..u!”

Rin: With an impossible to decode selfishly disobedient mail, until what point will you play with a man’s pride?

From the times of Adam & Eve, until the time that the world is destroyed, the ones who are pathetic are the men?

Makoto: Your beautiful (and inexperienced) smile

Rin: Suddenly conceals (a red) opposite

Makoto: What kind of demon does the little sexy angel keep?

Rin: “Please, tell me”

Makoto: Shoot! (Put it in)

Rin: Shoot! (Take it out)

Both: Stop the love bullet’s blow

Wreck it up even more, the best splash, let it awaken within you

Makoto: Shoot! (Put it in)

Rin: Shoot! (Make love)

Both: Let love’s crystallized tears pour

If at most it becomes messy, let’s feel the best ecstasy at love’s zero distance

Makoto: To the point of wearing out, lying on top of one another,

Rin: Wishing and wishing to come together,

Both: in your eyes

Rin: Blushing to the point of agony, with a reaction that was about to say “Actually more…”

Unintentionally being pulled to your strong face, nibbling on your lips like a plum “…a!”

Makoto: Like an uncontrollable spinning plan game, it seriously stirs up a man’s instinct

From the times when stars and constellations were born, until the time that the universe will perish, the ones who are magnificent are the women?

Rin: Your fleeting (and white) tears

Makoto: Your rapidly bewitching (black) poison

Rin: What kind of thorns is your cool sexy rose concealing?

Makoto: "Please show me"

Rin: Shoot! (sway it)

Makoto: Shoot! (prick it)

Both: Let us both exceed our limits

Make it bloom out of season even more, the broken morality runs through the storm of love

Rin: Shoot! (burn it)

Makoto: Shoot! (dissolve it)

Both: Flare up love’s source of desire

After all there in no tomorrow, with a sympathy that is amiss, knocking against each other at love’s zero distance

Rin: That feeling of attacking your hand with mine,

Makoto: Feeling each other,

Both: In your body

Makoto: Hugging love’s splash with a lag

Killing with a kiss under the sun, a full throttle without holding back?

With a strawberry kiss, you break the scarlet

Rin: From “What’s your name?” until being in bed together

Riding on with you beyond tight

The summer screw of the midsummer battlefield, is full of worldly desires, so to speak

With a wolf in “Transformation!” a dispossessing night

Makoto: Every time and everywhere, how many times does the love juice mix?

Rin: 108? Not 1008? At any rate, all I want is you

Makoto: Ah, more! in torment

Rin: Ah, all the way! Swinging free from it

Makoto: Your voice…

Rin: oh, my brain dissolves into a meltdown

Makoto: You don’t need anything else?

Rin: Anymore?

Both: Just feel it

Won’t you love me?

Shoot! (put it in)

Shoot! (take it out)

Stop the love bullet’s flow

Makoto: Wreck it up even more, the best splash, let it awaken within you

Both: Shoot! (get wet) Shoot! (make love)

Let love’s crystallized tears pour

Rin: If at most it becomes messy, let’s feel the best ecstasy

Makoto: at love’s zero distance

Both: To the point of wearing out, lying on top of each other, wishing and wishing to come together, in your eyes

I needed this in my life


omg these are HILARIOUS. At a swimming stadium in Yokohama during a swimming match, these words were broadcasted on the screen LOL (x)

1) “I only swim Free”
2) “Show us the sight we’ve never seen before”
3) “I swim for myself and my friends”
4) PERFECT BODY- Rei and Rin
5) “Ii deshou!” - Rei
6) “It’s because it’s so important to me that I can’t just pretend to understand now!” - Sousuke Yamazaki
7) “As expected, Haru is definitely the best in the water!” - Makoto Tachibana


Blood+ The City of Nightwalkersis a spin-off/PREQUEL to the anime series Blood+. It focuses on Hagi, the servant of Saya during Saya’s deep slumber. As what the producers of the anime have said, Hagi is very active in this manga and he talks a lot here. He even portrayed a lot of his soft sides here which we rarely saw (or maybe, never) in the anime :p

Also, Kisaragi-sensei’s art is very awesome. I just can’t get tired of the way he drew his male characters even though his mangas rarely had female characters on it :p I’m so falling in-love with them even with the “villains” haha anyway, the manga is published in Ciel comics, the home for some popular BL mangas so fujoshis can expect “something” :p